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Beauty is part of life in today’s generation. People use make-ups on their faces and other body parts either by dressing or the type of perfumes and jewelry they put on. Home decorations also comes in when we try to decorate our surrounding environment so that the beauty may be equal from the environment to yourself. Decorating the house can requirements many things such as lightings, type and color of paint, candles and how to arrange furniture. Every house a decoration either of just a flower vase with a couple of flowers on the table or any type of carving. Decorations make homes look beautiful and everyone makes an effort to make the best homes compared to others.

Though others are simple but others use more décor on their homes making it more vulgar and too much.

We get carried away with so many things such that we end up with more than the required decorations. We make mistakes that leave us confused as others wonder at your poor taste.

We make mistakes such as;


Paintings can be beautiful when they are considered as part of decorations, they make the home elegant and well-polished. Making it too much may be considered as a complication. Choosing one or two colors for the whole house may make it simple and even more beautiful.it fill more life to your space.


Using dim and soft white bulbs in every room is more calm and feels calm other than bright lights overhead making one feels like is on a cinema stage, it is harsh and so unflattering.


Arrangement of furniture can be very tricky but simplicity can be the best answer. Chairs should not be pushed against the wall leaving a big space in the middle which will make people shout while in a conversation. Chairs should be close to each other. The table should be accessible by people sitting round it to avoid unnecessary movements. Not every other decoration can be placed on the table but just a simple animal carving is enough to make your table elegant.

Light source

Relying on a single light source is not the best idea, mix a variety of overhead and floor table lamps with is the key to good lighting. Pools of light will draw people in and even create intimacy.


Candles which are like open fires also has a certain allure and a warmth of romance, aesthetic is more balanced with candlesticks. The candles should be well spread around the room or even separated giving the suitable space to light and even noticed.

Well done decorations will always create more life in a person while in his environment. We should always be more careful when it comes to decorations because they can simply ashamed us when not properly done. We only need to be careful as the main aim is to make the home more beautiful and people will admire it always. In as much as we make an effort to make ourselves beautiful we should as well make our homes more beautiful.


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