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Beauty is part of life in today’s generation. People use make-ups on their faces and other body parts either by dressing or the type of perfumes and jewelry they put on. Home decorations also comes in when we try to decorate our surrounding environment so that the beauty may be equal from the environment to yourself. Decorating the house can requirements many things such as lightings, type and color of paint, candles and how to arrange furniture. Every house a decoration either of just a flower vase with a couple of flowers on the table or any type of carving. Decorations make homes look beautiful and everyone makes an effort to make the best homes compared to others.

Though others are simple but others use more décor on their homes making it more vulgar and too much.

We get carried away with so many things such that we end up with more than the required decorations. We make mistakes that leave us confused as others wonder at your poor taste.

We make mistakes such as;


Paintings can be beautiful when they are considered as part of decorations, they make the home elegant and well-polished. Making it too much may be considered as a complication. Choosing one or two colors for the whole house may make it simple and even more beautiful.it fill more life to your space.


Using dim and soft white bulbs in every room is more calm and feels calm other than bright lights overhead making one feels like is on a cinema stage, it is harsh and so unflattering.


Arrangement of furniture can be very tricky but simplicity can be the best answer. Chairs should not be pushed against the wall leaving a big space in the middle which will make people shout while in a conversation. Chairs should be close to each other. The table should be accessible by people sitting round it to avoid unnecessary movements. Not every other decoration can be placed on the table but just a simple animal carving is enough to make your table elegant.

Light source

Relying on a single light source is not the best idea, mix a variety of overhead and floor table lamps with is the key to good lighting. Pools of light will draw people in and even create intimacy.

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What people tend to eat or not eat, doesn’t always do them justice when it comes to nutrition.

Outlined below are the top most nutrition mistakes human suppress themselves to:

Drinking fruit juices

The word ‘fruit juice’ speaks for itself as juice obtained from fruits. Fruits are health but when it comes to their juices, their credibility is questionable. Well most times fruit juices are just fruit flavored sugary concentrations mixed with water. In short chemicals. As for real fruit juices, don’t drink too much of it. This is because all the good nutritional stuff has been purged and all you’ll be adding to your body is sugar. Instead of fruit juices consume the fruits as whole because the juices contain as much sugar as any sugar-sweetened beverages.

Eating whole wheat

When whole wheat has been diminished to very fine flour, it’s not healthy as assumed to be. This is because it is digested readily and can spike blood sugar. Wheat contains gluten, a protein several people are sensitive to and can lead to digestive issues, stool inconsistency, fatigue and even pain. Eating whole wheat also leads to increased cholesterol in the body. As much as whole wheat is taken as healthy, it is not the case as studies show that it can lead to various health problems.

Not eating enough protein

Cutting down on protein intake is not healthy. On the contrary, proteins are the best nutrients your body needs. This is because they increase metabolism and as well as appetite. In metabolism of proteins, you can minimize calories getting in your body and vice versa. They are also considered a vital requirement in losing weight. They also help against cravings which are worst enemies when it comes to nutrition. If you want to lose weight with minimal effort, consider increasing your protein intakes.

Eating processed foods

Getting the right nutrition can be challenging but eating healthy shouldn’t be. Our predecessors survived by eating real foods, why not us? Nowadays people prefer processed foods to real foods. This types of foods only deteriorate your health and bring about life-style related illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. As for non-processed foods, they help you maintain good health. So eat real foods and avoid manufactured foods.

Getting rid of egg yolk

Eggs are the most nutritious and the yolk carries most of the nutrients. But why throw away the yolk? Since it is high in cholesterol, that’s why people don’t consume it. However, the cholesterol in yolk does not increase your cholesterol levels. So if you go about eating the white part only you will be putting your health at risk. So eat eggs and don’t throw the yolk, because it’s the most nutritious part of the egg and does not bring about bad cholesterol in your body.

Eating plenty

When you eat 5-6 meals in a day, you’re not doing your health justice. As much as eating regular small meals helps in increasing metabolism, what matters most is the overall amount you consume. The natural body is not adapted to being regularly fed and short instances of hunger are good. During the hunger periods, cellular repair process, autophagy takes place. Frequently eating adds no nutritional value, so reduce on the amount you feed on.

Too much health foods

Over the years, people tend to be growing health conscious. Just because a food is labelled healthy, doesn’t mean it is. The problem with such foods is that they’re not real foods but processed and junk only that the label says otherwise. And like we said earlier, avoid processed foods and eat more of real food.

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When it comes to planning a wedding, it can be challenging. Just because you are the bride or groom, it doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes when it comes to your wedding. After all you are human. Mistakes do arise, and when they do, you don’t need to panic. Below are some of the common mistakes and missteps prone to arise.


Weddings work under a set budget. If you fail to do so, your wedding plans may backfire on you. So when it comes to catering for all your wedding plans make sure you assign enough cash on each of them. You need not use a fortune on the gown yet you haven’t paid for the venue or food. In case the amount doesn’t cut for all plans, don’t panic. Instead revise the budget with your fiancé and come up with a solution.


When it comes to deciding what takes priority before the other, most brides don’t know where to start. Is it the gown, venue or guest list that comes first? All three are very vital when it comes planning for a good wedding. Without a guest list, how will you hire the appropriate venue and without a venue, where will your wedding be held? So once you have a definite number of guests that will be attending, you can go ahead and chose the venue. Once you’ve taken care of the two, you can proceed to buy that wedding gown you’ve been eyeing.


The blunder comes in when you tell others about your wedding too early or late. It’s very hard to keep quiet about your big day and the earlier you spill the beans, the more opinions you’ll get from everyone. To avoid this you could confide in your close friends only. Late announcement becomes a problem when people make other plans and they coincide with your wedding thus may end up not attending. You also need to wow your guests with the wedding. This will only happen if you don’t talk too much about your plans.


Ruling out a wedding planner for your wedding could just be the biggest mistake of your life. The advantage of a wedding planner is that they take care of all the wedding details and thus chances of forgetting some are slim. On the wedding day they will take charge and you need not worry of problems that arise because they will handle all that for you. After all what you need to do is enjoy your wedding day.


Memoirs of your wedding are something you have to keep. Whether its pictures or a video, either will do. The mistake comes in when you hire a friend to do the shooting. It’s not a bad thing but you would look into the option of hiring a pro. Not having persons to take videos or pictures of your long awaited day is even worse.

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